Leman Russ, the Survivor

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Leman Russ, the Survivor

Post by Leman Russ on Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:25 pm

Name: Leman Russ
Nicknames: Lee or Russ
Age: 7 (wolf years)
Species: Timber Wolf
Height: 4ft
Weight: 130lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Blue "warpaint" under each eye and heavy broken shackles on bot forepaws.
Personality: Not much of a sense of humor. Or at least not one that's easily noticed. His past remains there, though there is no doubt he is not the fun loving wolf that he once was. Protective to those close to him and loyal to a fault.

History: Was born of the delta male within the Perdere pack when they were at their prime. When the native's came and took their land, Leman Russ was taken captive by their hunters. He was still relatively young when he was taken and therefore, the assailants thought they could train him and keep him as some kinda of pet. They were horribly wrong.

Russ had proven to be near impossible to train from day one and by the time he reached his adolescent years he was reduced to remaining shackled to a post awaiting his fate. One day he found he couldn't take much more. He wanted to either be set free, or put out of his misery. It was by sheer luck that his rescue came in the form of a child who took pity on him. Though it was one sided and as soon as he was free, Russ lashed out. He refrained from killing the boy, but showed no such kindness to the two guards who came to try to re subdue him. Once he was able he took off into the jungle, left to wander alone in search of a new family.

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