Varyster of the Ashlands

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Varyster of the Ashlands

Post by Joey on Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:00 pm

Name: Varyster

Race: Dark Elf

Age: 24

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 168lbs

Eye Color: Dark Red

Hair: Jet Black. Pulled into a rogue knot. He has some scruff on his face.

Skin Color: Blue/black

Build: Athletic

Alignment: NN

Archetype: Nightblade

-Light Armor
-One Hand (Blades)

Equipment: Varyster has quite an array of things with him for his travels. Most prominently he rides a greenish-yellow Guar named Chompy. Chompy is a quick Guar, able to keep up with most horses and has an energetic personality. Chompy is fitted with saddle bags and a nice Dunmer style Saddle. Within Chompy's bags are Varyster's Alchemy supplies as well as food and drink for traveling. He has a bed roll, flint and steel and supplies to make a lean-to if needed. Being an alchemist, Varyster will usually have decent variety of potions or ingredients. He is more a practical alchemist rather than a scholar and finds himself more experimenting than actually making anything significantly ground-breaking.
Varyster wears fine leather armor of Dunmer make. It fits well and allows for maximum mobility when in combat. His boots (acquired in a not-so-legal manner) in particular, are enchanted with light step to make them quieter. He carries a steel short sword, a silver dagger and a fantastically crafted maple bow of typical Morrowind style. He has a steady supply of arrows and always has a lock-pick on hand.

Personality: Varyster is a very confident individual. He is quite full of himself and the deeds he has done in his travels. He enjoys a drink and even more enjoys a boast. He rarely will shy from a challenge and has a silver tongue when it comes to dealing with fellow residents of Tamriel. Despite his "Varyster first" type of facade, he does have compassion within him. He will go out of his way to help an individual in need and he can never say no to a lady.

History: Varyster is one of five children. His family runs a Kwama mine in the ashlands of Morrowind and has for generations. He is the youngest of his siblings and felt that there really was no place for him in the mine. When he was old enough he left his home and set off to find a calling higher than that of bug secretions. He has made his way generally as a thief and dabling in various arcane arts. He thoroughly enjoys alchemy and dabbles in illusion and alteration magic as it suites him. He is no stranger to the odd job or dangerous locales. He recently decided to travel beyond Morrowind and into Skyrim.

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