Katia of the Desert

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Katia of the Desert

Post by Syra on Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:32 pm

Name: Katia (Kat)

Race: Redguard


Height: 5'5

Weight: 135

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Light Blonde, pulled back into a long braid

Skin Color: Tan, Lightest a redguard can go

Build: Athletic

Alignment: NN

Archetype: Companion, former soldier of the imperial army

- Smithing
- Archery
-One Handed
-Light Armor
(some may be added)

Equipment: Katia has quite a collection of items. She has a beautiful glass sword that is enchanted. The beautiful emerald green blade has a glowing blue tint...ice!  This sword is so special it even has a name... Chillrend. The girl also has a black ebony bow, she found this in a chest during one of her adventures. This young girl rides a beautiful red chestnut arabian mare named Arina. Arina carries on her a well made saddle and leather saddle bags that is filled with treasures and ingredients her  master finds. Katia also has a canine that follows her around, it was a stray but the girl grew quite found of it and eventually allows the animals to stay, and soon names him Brandy.

Personality: Katia is kind soul, she is very sweet, bright, and nurturing! She mostly keeps to herself but when she wants to be she can be a very social butterfly, just ask the companions! The girl has soft steps and a silver tongue, especially when she wants a new item!
Arina on the other hand is a hyper. The chestnut mare has a attitude and a quick changing personality, but she is very loyal to her master...
Brandy is a shy dog, he follows the horse and redguard because of food and a soft hand. He has bright eyes and a kind temper... until you threaten the girl and horse.

History: ~Coming Soon~


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