The World Of Skyrim

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The World Of Skyrim

Post by Syra on Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:43 pm

Morndas, 18th of the Last Seed.
The day was just beginning, the sun was out and the rays where warming up the Gildergleen tree that sat in the middle of the historical Whiterun city. The sound of people filled the city. Kids raced around the city, going up the stairs, around the blooming tree and down the other stairs that was next to the guard's barracks. A young nord courier ran in threw the huge gates, carrying a knapsack on back. He seemed to be in a rush, quickly running threw the street, past the bannered mare and up the stairs towards the Gildergleen then taking a sharp right, going up another flight of stairs and to a old building. The man cleared his throat and then knocked on the door.

"Farkas!! haha!" A young blonde redguard squealed as a Nord man, with black hair had her pinned to the ground.
"Submit!" he chuckled then narrowed his pale eyes.
"Never wolf!" The female giggled, still struggling under the man's weight. Gosh he was strong!
"Hey! knock it off icebrains!" lady Nord snapped. Snoody much?
"Ok.. ok..." The blonde sighed then looked at her Shield Brother, "we will continue this war Farkas." The redguard growled playfully. Fakas lifted one eyebrow and shook his head. "Good luck new blood." the man smirked before releasing the girl's wrists and standing up. The young girl smiled at the man then slowly stood up. She gently brushed the dust off of her britches and looked around.
"Sorry Njada..." The girl apologized to the moody companion. Njada Stonearm was a young moody nord who always wanted to fight.
Knock. Knock. Knock.

Oh company?
"Katia are you gonna... Nevermind Tilma got it." Aela spoke. Katia smiled at her shield sister then turned and walked to the back doors.
"Where are you going?" A voice came from behind her... Vilkas, Farkas's twin.
"Um... Out." Katia smiled as she slowly backed up to the door. "You have training to do." Vilkas narrowed his pale eyes, crossing his arms as well.
"ohh ill be back!" Katia miled then slipped out the door before the nord man could finish.
"Pfft training." the girl rolled her eyes then smiled before taking off threw the training yard. It had been a cold night, so this morning warmth was a absolute delight! The girl giggled as she made her way down the Jorrvaskr's stairs, past the tree, down another flight of stairs and towards a big gate!
Arina needed to be ridden.

As the gates opened, Katia squeezed out then raced down the path and towards the Whiterun's stables. Ahhhh the smell of horses, the best smell ever. The scene that lied in from of the girl was breathtaking, or at least for her it was. A black Percheron mare stood in her stallion munching on her grain, as in the next stall over, a firey red chestnut desert horse perked her ears and whinnied to her happily. As the red mare whinnied a white wolfhound awoke and lifted his head. The dog was a stray that decided to followed the two one day and hasn't decided to leave.
"Hey Brandy" The girl smile and patted her legs, to at least get the stray to come...but this only caused him to wag his tail and lower her head down to the ground. Katia finally stopped patting her knees when she notice the stable owner was staring at her as if she was insane. The girl sat up and walked over to her horse and rubbed the bridge of the mare's nose.
"Good Morning Sunshine." The girl whispered to her horse. Oh today was gonna be a good day...hopefully.

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Re: The World Of Skyrim

Post by Joey on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:44 pm

Whiterun. Varyster sure did love listening to the Nords tell their epic, over-exaggerated tales of how each part of Skyrim to be. He had read a smidgen of Nord mythology and compared to Dunmer hisrtory it was flashy and seemed more fiction than fact. Whiterun was a city of magnificence, on that was famed for capturing dragons. The tales spoke of its glorious halls and keeps, but the reality of it was not so impressive.

Regardless, his travels through the rift had left his pockets near empty and this frigid over-sized hut was the only place he could think to make some coin. He had heard of these companion folks from a traveling Nord. Epic heroes who have felled beast and daedra alike. No other group like them in Skyrim. Varyster laughed as he dismounted Chompy. He was actually excited to see what they were all about. Could the rumors and tales be true? Doubtful.

He approached the stables. He would have to ensure Chompy was looked after while he was in the city walls. People outside of Morrowind were not exactly fond of a 6 foot tall lizard. Especially one that could swallow a small child whole (not that Chompy ever would). Varyster pulled out the last scraps of food he had for the beast and held it out. The guar quickly and happily devoured the scraps. Varyster looked around to see if he could spot the stable master. Sure enough it was a Nord and sure enough he was outside tending horses. Varyster approached him.

"I need to board my steed for a day or two. How much would it be to ensure his safety?" VAryster asked bluntly.

The Nord looked him up and down. He probably wasn't used to Dunmer much. He looked over Varyster's shoulder to Chompy. His mouth dropped. "What is that thing?" He said. His Nordic accent was thick.

"That is an ashland guar and his name is Chompy." He placed a hand on his hip. "How much to board him with you for a day or two?"

"I would typically only charge 5 gold, but I've never tended a guar. 15 gold." he said.

"15 gold? A bit expensive, but I understand."

"What does it eat?" The stable master said puzzled.

Varyster raised a brow. "HE eats just about anything."


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Re: The World Of Skyrim

Post by Syra on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:02 pm

Arina flicked her red ears forward and let out a low nicker.
"What?" Katia asked the focused horse. The horse was extremely focus, her ears perked straight up, and her stare unbreakable. The redguard woman looked over her shoulder to see...what is that? A lizard of some sort??

The girl tilted her head at the unusual creature. It was saddled like a horse, so must be a mount of some wort. Katia finally looked back at her horse and brushed her nose.
"Easy Arina." She whispered to the mare. Arina suddenly pinned her ears and backed up tossing her head and pawing the ground.
Guess no riding today, especially with Arina's attitude. Katia grumbled to herself then looked at the white wolfhound.
"Wanna go in the city? Better then being out here with a moody mare" The girl knelt down.

The stray continued to stare at the girl blankly as she patted her legs.
"Fine." The girl finally gave up and stood up. Dogs.
Katia turned around and continued back up the path to the gates, as she walked she continuously glanced over her shoulder at the new mount and his dark elf master. How interesting. The creature was just so fascinating, of course once brandy saw the animal he took off after the girl following closely, but not to close.

"Change your mind?" She chuckled at the dog. Brandy of course just remained quiet. He wasn't like other wolfhounds, he didn't bark or whine. Didn't get in the way or cause trouble.
A good dog he was or at least that is what Katia thought.  The girl and dog continued back up to the gate, where they where greeted by the guards, as usual.

Whiterun guards where not like others, they where kind and like to greet travelers and companions.
They where almost always happy unless someone caused trouble, then they weren't so happy. Katia flashed a smile to the guards as they opened the gate for her.

"thought you where gonna ride" One guard asked.

"eh Arina is moody again." She shrugged before continuing walking into the city.

Oh how she loved this city. Kids running around, the blacksmith telling people to buzz off as she was smelting iron. Oh lovely. Katia smiled to herself as she spotted Farkas in the market area... Maybe she could scare him? The girl smirled to herself and quietly walked until she was right behind him
"Hi kat." Farkas smirked as he reached for a apple, looking at the piece of fruit, making sure there was no bruises.
"How do you know that it was me!" Kat let out a sigh then giggled.

"Im a companion... duh" He handed the seller some gold then turned to Katia. He lifted his eyebrows and smirked. Oh yea.... he's a werewolf... like her duh.

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Re: The World Of Skyrim

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