Syra the Trouble

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Syra the Trouble

Post by Syra on Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:51 pm

Name: Syra
Age: 2 years
Breed: Alaskan wolf cross Grey wolf
Gender: Female
Fur Color: Solid black.
Eye color: Golden, a rare color for wolves

Abilities/ Skill: Despite her not being bulky and strong like her Father and brother, Syra makes up with her speed and agility, which makes her a excellent hunter. She is able to run a longer distance then most wolves. She is very light and quick on her paws, this allows her to sneak up on prey and make sharp turns when running.
Syra's eyes are very sensitive to movement, this allows her to see movement from afar. Her hearing is incredible,  allowing her to hear the slightly crunch of a leaf. Her nose is able to pick up the slightest smell within miles.

Personality: Syra is a a young energetic she-wolf who is easy to get along with. She loves to wander around the forest, although  shes seen most of it. This young wolf has a wild heart, leading her to beautiful places and often leading her to trouble. Although she does have the smarts of her Mother and the wisdom of her father she often lets her mind go wild causing her to get careless and clumsy.

History:Syra is born in one of the largest and most successful packs in the wolf world.  Riverfall is a huge pack, that is next to the Blue River. Syra is the runt and part of the last litter that was born in the pack. Now Riverfall isn't and ordinary wolf pack, its leader is Wither. The wolf that helped many animals escaped the Burning Forest (a wild fire) and helped those who needed food and shelter. Syra and her brother M'skei are the pups of Wither. Syra often gets in arguments with her brother, and when he wants to get to her he mentions her eyes and how different she is. Syra believes that shes different and this causes her to get into mischief. Syra is one of the beauties of the pack, almost like a princess...but dont be fooled by her beauty

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