The Hunters

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The Hunters

Post by Neun & Zehn on Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:38 pm

Overall, there are three types of hunters in the Albine region. Each one has strengths and weaknesses, but if they work in teams they are deadly. If the hunters are working in pairs, or a trio, consider listening for whistles, as they use those to communicate between each other.

Mountain Hunter: These hunters are the most stealthy. They use Recurve Bows as their preferred weapon, and are extremely accurate. Mountain hunters are quiet when traversing through snow, and are often seen wearing whites and blues, with hoods to shield their eyes from any harsher weather conditions. Their clothes are lined with an assortment of furs, ranging from snowshoe hares to Kodiak Bear furs to keep warm at all times.

Forest Hunter: These hunters are the most agile. They tend to use the trees as their camouflage. Forest Hunters tend to perch themselves in branches in tall trees and jump from them. It's easy to hear the creak of wood or the rustle of leaves, and may occasionally see them swing from a vine. Their preferred weapon is a spear, but are also capable of using a Recurve bow with excellence. They wear greens and browns to blend in, and wear thick leather gloves and boots to protect their hands and feet from the rough surface of the trees.

Swamp Hunters: These hunters are often found in the murky waters and tall grass of the swamps. Because of the hunter's use of the water, they are often covered in water fowl feathers, because of the water resistance of their feathers. The Swamp Hunters tend to be the most eccentric of the three hunters, because of their choice of weapon. They use an assortment of knives, ranging from a simple dagger to what could be classified as a full sized sword. They are the toughest hunters, because they are loud, and often use themselves as distractions for whatever animal the hunter could be hunting. Swamp Hunters are more likely to hunt in groups than they are to hunt alone.

Swamp hunters are easy to detect, but hard to escape from. They can confuse most vicious animals, causing the other hunters of their party to swoop in for deathly attacks. It's rare that an animal can escape their clutches.

it's rare to find a hunter that can be a combination of classes, but it is possible. Beware.
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