Wither The Legend

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Wither The Legend

Post by Syra on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:28 am

Name: Wither
Age: 8
Breed: Grey Wolf
Gender: Male
Fur Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Light Blue

History: Wither was born in the Nothern pack, which sadly is destroyed by the Burning Forest when he turned 4. At a young age his father had died from the Red cough. So instantly the second in command stepped forward, the silver wolf tried his best to keep the pack strong but to only fail when the indians invaded the small forest of the Northern pack. The silver wolf was then killed along with most of the pack including his 3 sisters and mother. Wither then took charge of the small hand full of the pack he had left.
All was fine for 2 years until a horrid storm blew threw, striking the ancient oak tree and setting the Northern part of the lands a blazed. Many wolves, along with bears, foxes, deer and other animals scattered panicking about the circling fire. Wither saved multiple wolves and pups in fire to only noticed there was no other choice but to go threw the bitter cold Glaze Mountians. Wither lead the way, threw the mountians, there where fatalities but more lives would of been lost if he had never took the risk of going threw the mountians. Once across the mountians, wither ran into a red she wolf named Rose. The two quickly bonded and helped nurse the broken and lost wolves. Wither and Rose settled in a small area, next to a waterfall...giving the new pack their name. Riverfall.
When wither turned 6 him and Rose became mates and had their first litter which his one and only son was born. Wither watched his son grow strong and became a loyal and well mannered wolf. Two years after that him and rose tried for another litter only for rose to have a miscarriage in the middle of the pregnancy. Only to be able to have one pup, who was at first still born, but then took her first breath. Wither was for sure his daughter would grow to be like her brother...

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