The Rules of Albine

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The Rules of Albine

Post by Neun & Zehn on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:02 pm

Welcome to Animals of Albine!
Beofre you go crazy, please take a minute to read the rules and get acquainted.

One: Power Playing is not allowed. The only characters you control are yours alone. It is not anyone's responsibility to control another character that is not the one they made a character form for, no matter the situation.


Other Person: "The hunter crouches, eyes narrowing as it spots his prey. He whistles to the next assassin in the party, signaling for him to move forwards."

You: "He moves forwards as he's given the signal, jumping to the next tree with grace. He glances over his shoulder to the leader of the party, nodding at him as he whistles again and begins to move forwards, beginning the real hunt."

That is power playing. It usually occurs when someone is impatient, or does not wish to wait for the other person to reply.

Two: Organized Posts. It's important to maintain order whilst roleplaying. Everyone posting should follow an order, allowing each participant to post once before repeating the cycle. (ex. first, second, third, etc etc.)

Three: Respect others. Common sense, yo. Don't be that guy.
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